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You know how it feels…
Watching your friends and colleagues be way ahead of you in business 
when you know deep down that you’re just as good - or even better.

You know for some reason that you’re destined for great things but 
somehow you’re blocking abundance and keeping yourself small.

That’s why you’ve tried it all…
Self-help books that you thought will help you solve your money problems

Enrolled in “manifestation” courses and ended up frustrated 
because it seems to work for everyone BUT you

Bought crystals and done guided meditations to attract money

Consulted several coaches, bought journals, subscribed to newsletters
the list goes on...

And while some of them may have worked for a while

It never lasts and suddenly you’re back to where you started

After everything, you still have negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, fear of success, 
fear of earning more money, and self-sabotage 
that keep you from cultivating a millionaire mindset.

First, a point of clarification. Having a “millionaire mindset” does not mean 
you’re always thinking about money. On the contrary, it’s having a mindset that attracts money 
and other money-making opportunities without breaking a sweat.

What if I tell you, you already have what it takes to be HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL, FULFILLED?

All you have to do is tap into your limiting beliefs - the thoughts that have been programmed 
to your subconscious and change your energy. 
Because when you change your energy, you change your life. It may sound complicated now, 
but believe me, it’s much more simple than you think.

This is not just some “woo woo” that is very popular right now. It’s actually something that’s been 
acknowledged by Science, (Neuroscience and Epigenetics in particular). 
We are surrounded by energy and we have the power to control where we put our energy 
to attract abundance and even heal ourselves from disease.

This is where I step in.

Hi, my name is Gull Khan and I’m a Money Mindset Expert, International Best Selling Author, International speaker, podcaster, a Barrister, an Attorney with New York Bar Association, and a Solicitor.

I’m also known as an Intuitive Life Coach, an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) expert, an Energy Healer, and a Mother.

For ten years, I’ve been helping people develop a healthy relationship with money through workshops and engagements. I help them start attracting money through multiple sources, in increasing quantity, and consistently.

But before that, I was a corporate lawyer who worked with some of the top global companies and law firms. And although the pay and benefits were awesome, I felt like something was missing. I was unsatisfied and felt like my soul needed something else. My heart was being called to another profession. Not to mention I also have kids to think about. The prestige and the six-figure income wasn’t worth all the time I was losing out with my kids.
It was a difficult decision for me as a single mother to leave a comfortable job, but I did it anyway. So I pursued a career as an Energy Transformation and Money Mindset Expert and never looked back. My unique approach to abundance and money mindset has helped my clients take a leap of faith and discover their full potential.

All this I achieved despite suffering from severe dyslexia that gave me a hard time reading (I couldn’t read full sentences until high school) and encountering grief when I lost my mother at 21 and younger cousin who was like a brother to me.

That’s why you better believe me when I say “You can do it” because I was proof that everyone can manifest abundance in their lives.
For years I have designed and perfected my tools and strategies to teach you how to be a money magnet. And now you have the chance to learn, apply, and experience a life of abundance.

Now is the time to reclaim your power. I’m inviting you to join...


During the 5-Day workshop you will achieve the following:

  • Clear your own money blocks whenever you need to so you can keep moving forward. 
  • Tap into the way your unconscious mind naturally works to create transformations FAST
  • Get clarity on how to bring more money into your reality and workshop the idea of what’s possible for you
  • Start believing that money can flow to you easily and effortlessly without the pressure of having to “hustle” 24/7
  • ​Discover how to be a money magnet by tuning directly to the energy of money
  • ​Get the confidence to charge higher fees without feeling like an impostor
Workshop Starts On September 27, 2021 In:

No more beating your head against the wall
No more hoping the next healer or coach will be the one that “saves you”
No more doubting yourself and asking if you have what it takes (read: you do!)

So, how exactly do I help you get rid of your money blocks 
and tap on the unlimited power of an abundant mindset? 
It’s through a healthy balance of psychology and energy work combined.

Ask yourself

What if you believed that making money was easy?

What if you knew your success was inevitable?

Where would you be today?

The good news is, making money is easy and your success is inevitable

I will show you how to get there by using my proven techniques and strategies and 

teach you the EASIEST WAY to change your energy.

Here’s how the
WORKSHOP will look like : 

DAY 1 

The Clear Path to Prosperity

You will learn how to get clarity on anything and understand how people and things can own you. I will also teach you about the “energy tool” you can use to break free from dark energies from people, things, beliefs, and ideas that have been holding you back.

0(VALUE £799)


How Being Sexy Helps You to Become a Millionaire

You will learn more about self-worth and understand your true intrinsic value. When you grasp this concept, you will never become arrogant because you’ll understand that you’re not better than anyone. At the same time, you will no longer experience imposter syndrome because you know that no one is better than you. We are all equal and this is where the beauty of everything lies. 

(VALUE £499)


The Hidden Way of Spending What You Already Have to Become a Millionaire

I will help you understand how you REALLY feel about money. We will also talk about the spiritual and man-made laws of money and deep dive into the mindset and energy of money. 

(VALUE £599)


Tuning In to The Frequency of Money to Become a Millionaire

You will learn what is the frequency of money, how to tune in to the frequency of money, and a special meditation that will let you tune in to the frequency of money daily.

(VALUE £899)


The Art of Creating Money

In the last and final day of the workshop, you will learn about the art and science of making money. We will also do an energy clearing on issues stopping you from having money.

(VALUE £899)

Total value FOR 5 DAYS - £3695 + Bonuses 
but you get it today for 
99% discount 
at ONLY £27
That’s not all. 
When you join the workshop, the following are also in store:
  • A daily task that can be done in 30 minutes and 
  • I’ll be on hand as well as my team to answer any question you may have. 
  • And you’ll also have the chance to meet some new business-minded folks -
  • your ideal client might be in there, you’ll never know!
You will also enjoy EXCLUSIVE access to our Private Workshop Members Only Facebook Group
along with everyone else taking the workshop.

Millionaire in Mirror 15 min meditation  
(VALUE £97)
Your Secret Key To Having A Millionaire Mindset . The revolutionary meditation that will change your money mindset and eliminate your money blocks without Spending thousands and thousands working with the SO CALLED Guru’s so that You can have a Millionaire Mindset now and start building your 6 or even 7 figure business 

Cash Flow Cheat Sheet (VALUE £97)
A step by step system to use the money you have to attract more money. A proven strategy to become cash-flow positive and build a happy, healthy relationship with money.

Energy Clearing on Taking Action  
(VALUE £799)
This Energy clearing will eliminate your money blocks permanently to supercharge your manifesting powers to attract health, wealth and money.
7 Laws of Money
(VALUE £999)
A nine-week course that shows the seven spiritual laws of money and how you can align yourself with them to create more wealth and abundance in life
During these 5 days, we will break down your money blocks at the quantum level so you will start attracting abundance instead of repelling it. 
Ready to dissolve your money blocks and make an energy shift so you can move on, grow your business, and let the abundance flow? 
Fully Participate in these 5 days and see how confident you will feel about having 7 figures in your bank account without any hustle.
But Gull, the 5-Day Workshop 

Abundance Mindset Makeover 
used to be free. 

Why are you charging for it now?
First, I noticed that while a lot of people join the FREE workshop 
only a handful are really serious about it and have done all the tasks. 
So I figure it will be more special if the participants will invest a reasonable 
amount to prove their intent. 

Just so you will have some “skin in the game”.
Furthermore, one thing I’m certain of is that we don’t value what we don’t invest in
So this must be sold to you so you can get the best possible value.

Besides, £37 ($47USD) is a fair amount in exchange for learning how to break free 
from the shackles of self-sabotage and start experiencing abundance in all aspects of your life, 

The workshop will work for anyone who is fed up with the never-ending loop 
of having to chase money and abundance. You probably already know that 
transforming your relationship with money is the actual tipping point 
that will allow you to finally embody what you truly desire
own what you are worth, and create the freedom you are seeking.

Workshop STARTS 27 September 2021 
What Results Recent Students Experienced After Following My abundance MINDSET Strategies

However, this is NOT for you if:

  • You’re already contented with the way things are in your life
  • You believe that having more money means more problems
  • You think changing your mindset and shifting your energy is “a lot of work”

If this is how you think, I don’t blame you. 
It’s really hard to accept our deeply rooted outdated beliefs 
regarding money and working towards changing your energy may be a lot of work.

But when you start attracting abundance and hitting your money goals 
one by one - you will realize that it’s all worth it.
Once you made up your mind, click on the link to join:
This will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life and 

I can’t wait to guide you in your journey in becoming a millionaire. 
Please remember...
I did not release this training to make money
I’ve done this because I’m tired of watching entrepreneurs 
and startups struggle to live the life they dream of. 
I’ve been there and I don’t want anyone to make the same mistakes I did. 
I no longer want to see anyone going into outlandish debt and 
wasting precious years of their life chasing after money 
when they can do it with grace, ease, and flow.

So if you’re ready to live the life you deserve - 
a life where you can naturally and easily draw abundance 
into your life without struggle, click on the button below.
This offer is time sensitive. 

Since there will be a live training session
(I will be on Facebook LIVE everyday for the duration of the workshop)

doors will close on september 27, 2021, the start of the workshop.

Do not put this off. Each day you wait is a missed opportunity
of taking charge of your life and attracting abundance.

Decide to change your life TODAY.

WARNING: You Will Make Mistakes

A person who represents themselves in court has a FOOL for an attorney and we all know that 
people who don’t read the instructions SCREW things up.

That’s why it’s essential that you get help and only then you may have a breakthrough. Or leave it to chance and 
get more of the same results you’ve been getting...

Wouldn't you feel sad to know that you could have avoided all that debt, ruined relationships and lost years off your life 
for £27 ($37)..?

When you're working on something as important as your business and life, and everything in it, you better be sure you know what you're doing. Otherwise you could make GIANT mistakes, in areas you may not have thought of yet. And it may be too late to recover.

Please, either be content with your life as it is, or JOIN the live 5 Day Workshop


This magical system can be used in ANY area of your life to manifest ANYTHING you desire with ease, grace and flow regardless of how small or large but especially for creating, having and making MONEY.
If you think I’m being extra “pushy”, it’s simply because 

And it’s my mission to help people from being lost to finding their true purpose and live in abundance.

I KNOW this because I had to learn it THE HARD WAY.

I KNOW that if you truly put in thought, time, and the action required,
then it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to fail.

I KNOW this is the only way to make your dream life a reality
WITHOUT suffering and hating the process.

P.S. If I haven’t stressed enough, there is more knowledge and actionable information 
in this 5 Day training than you'll get studying for a decade, spending ridiculous amounts of money 
that you don't have, reading dozens of books and speaking to every expert possible.

Simply because that is what I had to do, and more, in order to create this magical system that works for 
EVERYBODY, and has already succeeded in changing the lives of countless amounts of people just like you. 
Think about this: No matter what, you’ll end up with more money in your pocket than you have right now. It's a no brainer.

Ready to take your BUSINESS to the next level and start attracting REAL money instead of hustling without results?

Yes! Gull, I'm Ready To Enroll ! 
EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Join The abundance MINDSET MAKEOVER live WORKSHOP
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Abundance Mindset Makeover Workshop
  • LIVE TRAINING Day 1 - The Clear Path to Prosperity (£799  Value)
  • LIVE TRAINING Day 2 - ​How Being Sexy Helps You to Become a Millionaire (£499 Value)
  • LIVE TRAINING Day 3 - The Hidden Way of Spending What You Already Have to Become a Millionaire (£599 Value)
  • LIVE TRAINING Day 4 - Tuning In to The Frequency of Money to Become a Millionaire (£899 Value)
  • ​LIVE TRAINING ​Day 5 - The Art of Creating Money (£899 Value)
  • ​Amazing Bonus#1 Millionaire in Mirror 15 min meditation (VALUE £97)
  • ​Amazing Bonus#2 Cash Flow Cheat Sheet (VALUE £97)
  • ​Amazing Bonus#3 Energy Clearing on Taking Action (VALUE £799)
  • ​​Amazing Bonus#4 7 Laws of Money (VALUE £999)
Total Value: £4,687 
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only One Payment of £27 (37 USD)


NO. We deliver the program live in a new pop-up Facebook group so that you can enjoy an interactive learning experience but you’ll get access to all the videos and learning materials so that you can watch replays, at your leisure until the Facebook group closes. (Approximately a week after the workshop ends). PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL ONLY HAVE ACCESS TO THE TRAININGS IN THE WORKHSOP WHILE THE FACEGROUP IS OPEN. 

The tools and techniques I offer will boost your manifesting prowess through the roof. If you’ve tried working with Law of Attraction before and it hasn’t worked for you, Abundance Mindset Makeover Workshop will get you right on track with the steps required to master the process. And don’t forget there is an exclusive private Facebook community which means you’ll be able to access all the support and guidance you need to work out where you’ve not been fitting together the pieces of the puzzle.

I set ‘homeplay’ tasks each day in the morning. As with any transformation program, your results will be dependent upon the amount of time you’re able to put in – but as a rough idea you can expect to feel and experience the best results with just 15 minutes to half an hour. I should also point out here that ‘work’ isn’t really the right word to describe what you’re doing! This stuff is actually pretty good fun.

No - We have a NO REFUND Policy.
I have priced this workshop at low low investment so that anyone can take part with very low risk.


We're starting on September 27, 2021 at 7 PM London | 2 PM EST | 11 AM PST with live videos. You will get access to the replays in the Facebook group if you sign up.
Join to benefit from the group's energy!

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